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Test your speakers with these test tone files. These files are MP3 type which may be inaccurate at very high frequencies (>10,000 Hz). If your browser supports HTML5 AUDIO, ex. google chrome, and you don't mind downloading 12MB wav files, click here: Wav Test Files

Below are three sound sequences with three notes per octave in this order.

  • 1. Middle Six Octaves: 80-5000 cycles per second, 19 notes, up then down
  • 2. High Two Octaves: 5000-16,000 cycles per second, 6 notes, up then down, twice
  • 3. Low Two Octaves: 80-20 cycles per second, 7 notes, down then up, twice

    Listen for changes in level from note to note indicating an uneven frequency response. The middle notes should sound fairly even in loudness. Most people cannot hear the highest note. If you can hear the first 4 high notes, your hearing and your tweeters go up to 10KHz; 5 notes - 12KHz, 6 notes - 16KHz. With most subwoofers, the lowest notes will be inaudible. If you can hear the first 4 low notes, your sub goes down to 40 Hz; 5 notes - 30 Hz, 6 notes - 25 Hz, 7 notes - 20 Hz. Do not turn up the volume of the low sequence because that could burn out your woofer!

  • 1. Middle Notes    

    2. High Notes    

    3. Low Notes    

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