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Sound System Design and Installation   

For Churches, Recording Studios, and Home Theaters, we design sound systems to match your room, large or small - and the sound will astound.

We start with the acoustics of the space, including the shape of the room, the surface absorptivity/reflectivity, sound proofing needs, HVAC noise, reverberation, inter-aural cross correlation, etc.

Next we calculate the necessary sound system output based on our acoustical analysis and on customer specified volume needs. Then we determine speaker size and locations, and amplifier power, while considering the reverberant sound field and possible feedback constraints.

The customer is given options on the type of equipment (good, better, best, from various manufacturers) including type of sources (microphones, CD players, tape decks, etc.).

After the design is finalized, we write it down with architectural drawings, block diagrams, electrical schematics, etc., as needed to ensure the finished product complies with all requirements.

Installation can be done by union certified labor with structural engineer oversight as needed, or, if desired, by budget labor. Our installation manager has over 20 years experience.

The final step is sound system setup and analysis with real time measurements and processor adjustments. This includes listening to the results during an actual performance (or playback of typical recordings).

We are not satisfied until you are satisfied!

Example Sound System Installation at Dallas Baptist University:

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